Nudes at a Charity Auction


Seems pretty bold, doesn’t it?


Even for a charity event called Fashion Forward.But they are bold.

This year they invited us to bring one of our Body Painters to body paint an expectant mother as we auction off Photography and Body Painting Sessions. Our participation in the silent auction is not very silent. It is very lively.

I will be there with iPads to show off what is possible in our studio, tell guests interested what they can experience.

It is exciting!

Fashion Forward has become an iconic fashion show in just three years. That first year the models were driven to the runway ramp in the newest Mercedes cars by celebrity drivers like Brett Wilson, Olympian Sochi and more. They then strolled past an appreciative audience in the latest fashions.

With that happening in the background, we had women looking at our nude and boudoir portfolio, bidding for a chance to not just be bold themselves but to support Making Changes.

The entire auctioned donation goes to support the charity Fashion Forward has chosen.  This year it is HomeFront. a charity that helps women and their children flee domestic violence. It is sad there is a need for that, HomeFront has supported over 40,000 victims in 16 years. This silent auction fundraiser will help them provide a chance for women to live safe and healthy lives.

Now we don’t just bring one photo session for a lucky bidder to get.

We have two of our best most popular sessions – the 4-hour Signature Experience and the Body Painting Special. We bring 10 certificates of each.  We are hoping to get them all sold.

I will be there with my portfolio of nudes, boudoir, prenatal and passionate couples portfolios.  Of course, with Melody doing a live body painting we will have a full body paint portfolio to inspire you.

This year they are being hosted at McArthur Fine Furniture. It will be the biggest event yet.

We were one of the first donations they sought for their charity launch event 3 years ago. It was a bold affair held at LoneStar Mercedes. That year silent auction donations filled two Mercedes vans plus the items that were dropped off. That inaugural year they raised funds for Making Changes, supporting over 2,000 women with donated monies.

They are 12 amazing women that pull this event off.  We are very proud to have our photography supporting them.

This is an amazing event, we would love to see you there. Tickets are almost sold out, can snag one of the few remaining at Fashion Forward YYC 2016.

Come by and say hi or better yet, buy your own session there to support the cause, HomeFront.

Oh, with your session, it can be anything you want. You can be bold with your own nude series, be classic in something fashionable, or something in between. We will do what you desire.

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