Sexy is Slippery When Wet


Our studio looks like a Hollywood FX shoot.

Water rains down on her slippery skin, splashing before it gathers into streams racing down over the curves of her body. It reaches the pond at her feet, creating ripples that disturb her reflection, giving it its own life.

Flashes pop, electrifying the air, revealing not just her form and joy, but coloring the warm rain falling down on her.

It’s an exquisite moment that is hard to explain, but a delight to experience.

The image your mind just went to is something we are very excited about. It’s from our Elemental Photography session series: the Water Element Experience.

It’s fun to watch a client’s face when they step into our studio with the water set up to start their transition. Our studio looks like a Hollywood FX shoot. The pond covers most of the floor. A huge black plastic wall rises 8 feet out of the pond’s framework. Lights wrapped in plastic are scattered about. A 12-foot ladder with water hoses coiling their way to the top, buckets, bowls and towels, are strewn around its base. It’s nothing they can relate to, yet it fills everyone with giddy expectations of the possible.

These sessions are like snowflakes, no two ever the same, and very unpredictable. Water never splashes the same way, and each woman responds in a different manner to, and with, it.

Yet every shot we take seems to have its own sexy mystique to it. It does not matter if it’s intentional, there’s just so much freedom and mirth with the interaction of the water, an element of sexy always surrounds the image.

And of course, the glistening skin. There is a sensual connection that everyone can relate to, but always different for each person.

Do you crave something different from the ordinary Boudoir or Nude photo shoot?

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