Busting Excuses

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Busting Excuses:
Why You Deserve A Boudoir Experience!

Excuses are the knee-jerk reactions to doing something bold. Which a boudoir photo session is! Your mind may be uncomfortable with the idea, but the heart knows you need it.
You are here, so there is a buried desire to do this. Your mind does not want to leave your comfort zone, though it fully knows the benefits of stepping out of it.
You have heard how exciting and life-changing a boudoir session with their fantastic images is. You may even know someone who has gone through one of our transforming experiences. It seems to be in the media everywhere.
Let’s look at the most popular excuses for not doing a Boudoir Shoot.

 I have no one special to give it to.

Giving images to your lover for a birthday/anniversary/wedding night makes for an incredible gift. However, very few of the 5,000 plus women I have photographed wanted it primarily for that. They came in for themselves.
For some, a special event is their excuse to do a session with us. After all, sexy images make an excellent present for both the gifter and the giftee!
You are the special person in your life who deserves it, not just the images, the experience.

 I have to lose more weight first. 

Three things about this excuse.
First, we have found that unless you are already losing weight in a program, women who have delayed it for this reason actually gain 5 pounds, on average, by the time they book a session.
Second, the few that have lost weight then say they want to lose 5 pounds more never reach their photo session goal.
Last, I’m so skilled that I can get you in poses where you look stunning. The pounds just disappear with the skillful use of props and lighting.

larger woman in boudoir session
Larger woman posing in bedroom set

 I can’t afford the enlargements.

You are worth the investment! As you can see from the testimonials, having the images to look at after the experience can be life-changing.
We appreciate that while everyone will benefit hugely from having a boudoir session done, not every woman has the same budget for images.
So, we created a layaway plan for budgets like yours. Payment plans have been popular since 1985 when we introduced them to our clients. There are no hidden fees or extra interest, and the amount can be adjusted to your budget and timing.

 I don’t know how to pose or look sexy for a camera.

Few women can who aren’t professional models. Lucky for you, I will be giving you easy posing guidance while teasing out your sexy looks for the camera. The right light creates the perfect mood. The sets and props with the camera angle bring it all together.
You have a more complex personality than just sexy, so we explore your many sides. You see your images as you go along, giving you enormous confidence. The more confident you become, the bolder you get, the better you look. It is a great cycle!

wall art, boudoir, Inner Spirit Photo, Calgary
Boudoir images can go anywhere

I want to, but I am so nervous and a bit embarrassed about my body

You are not alone! Most of our clients arrive with butterflies in their stomachs. We have had some women so nervous they could barely speak. They are all surprised how fast that fades away!
You should know we are foremost a judgement-free studio, embracing body positivity.
Back to your nerves, that first call booking your planning session is the hardest. After that, your confidence builds. We have refined how to make your experience exceptional over our 41 years in business. Our session’s flow is designed to make your time with us easy and exciting with stunning results.
We even guarantee that you will love the experience and the first look at your images or your money back.

before and after
amazing boudoir image

 I have no time for the full boudoir experience session

Our world runs at high speed; we get that. We understand how precious every woman’s time is, and we value it when it is spent with us. Trust the women who have gone before you. They rave about their experience.
Our sessions are designed to take time as it is all about you indulging and embracing yourself. A chance to breathe, to see your beauty, your boldness, and your confidence. Psychiatrists and Life Coaches recommend us as a positive and empowering step forward.
It comes down to how important you are to yourself. Once something is scheduled for you, for yourself, the world’s requests just flow around it. It is a fantastic way to refresh yourself and charge your inner self up!

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Busting Excuses:
Why You Deserve A Boudoir Experience!

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