Our Client’s Journey

Thrilled woman after seeing her nude or boudoir photos by Inner Spirit Photography

She nervously asked, “What can I expect?”

A pretty good question that nearly everyone asks. I have been refining the experience she will have for over 40 years. It is transformative and exciting. Everyone is surprised how quickly the nerves fade away!

When you first reached out to us something in our conversation connected, gave you the feeling we were right for you.

You book your planning session. This is a no commitment, no pressure chat to confirm the chemistry between us. To see not only my gallery of enlarged images but to explore what you want, what is possible, to brainstorm cool ideas.

I completely go over prices and our guarantees. Deciding to book a photography session is the next leap.

For most women this is the critical step; getting the sense of safety, creativity; that you, like the other women in my books and on my walls, will look amazing. When everything feels right, you book your photo session date.

We send out a prep package. You can set up a private Pinterest page with posing examples and you can call us anytime with questions about your ideas.

On the session day, most women are at least a little nervous, some a whole lot. You will step into my in-floor heated studio. My wife Jan will get you comfortable before she starts doing your makeup and hair.

You can look around the studio as she is working and chatting. I will start building the first set. It is a very comfortable way to start. Easing you into it as Jan styles your makeup to your tastes.

Then your session starts, it is like a Hollywood movie set! There 3-D settings, props, lights on stands that can be moved around. It is an adventure! You can change outfits, go nude or semi-nude; see what you are looking like on the back of the camera. The time just flows by.

Your session will go for two to 6 hours depending on the session choice you make. Your nerves are rapidly replaced with excitement!

A few days later, time to see what the magic created at your sales viewing. We prep your images. You will see them projected onto an 8×7 foot screen. They will look stunning!

We go through an elimination process. The selection and comparisons are all visual. You will get them down to the ones you love and want.

Most women are surprised at how many they love! We have books and wall prints in all sorts of options. I can slip some into Photoshop if you want to see what a retouched image looks like or to see some art.

Once they are all selected you can pay it in full, leave a deposit, or set up a layaway plan. The images go into our production line. Fran does all the critical and creative work. Well, I do some!

Finally, you pick them up, unless you have a framing need. That will add one more trip.

We call you when they are ready for pickup.

We have groomed this to be an enjoyable, even thrilling, journey to breathtaking images.

Most women find a huge rise in confidence, body embracement and a sense of celebration.

Does this sound exciting?

This could be your moment, call us to explore your possibilities. 403.252.2662

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