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  • Boudoir is for Everyone!

    Boudoir is for Everyone!

    It’s empowering! It doesn’t matter who you are or why you want to do it. Even men can book a  session! We’ve all carried different stories. In the midst of life’s chaos, it’s perfectly fine to acknowledge your worth. Being confident is beautiful and sometimes, we need to reassure ourselves we still got-it-going-on. It’s fun!…

  • When Being Nude Isn’t Being Exposed.

    When Being Nude Isn’t Being Exposed.

    When Being Nude Isn’t Being Exposed. “ I was photographed nude yesterday.” Is a conversation stopper, my clients have had fun with. They slide the comment in innocently during a pause in a conversation with friends. It always has the same effect. Each person at the table imagines what being nude is to them, usually…

  • Our Client’s Journey

    Our Client’s Journey

    She nervously asked, “What can I expect?” A pretty good question that nearly everyone asks. I have been refining the experience she will have for over 40 years. It is transformative and exciting. Everyone is surprised how quickly the nerves fade away! When you first reached out to us something in our conversation connected, gave…