Boudoir Water Sessions

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Boudoir Water Sessions
Jun 4, 2022

Mixing boudoir photography with water is a sensual blend.

You can get even bolder with nude photography while you splash.

Imagine your mirror reflection in the water. Perhaps the added warmth of floating candles or some rubber duckies encircling you for fun.

You can add energy with water splashing off your body. Sliding over every curve, a frozen sculpt of liquid.
Or gentle rain swirls, backlit by a brilliant blue or hot pink. Raindrops rolldown your glistening body, inviting a delicate touch.

These sessions can be very spiritual; there is a rare feeling of having warm rain splashing delicately on you.

These are Rare Sessions

We don’t do these often; it takes us a day to set up and then clean up as we take it all down in between, though; wow, what a rush. These are such powerful images. Breathtaking with your beauty added in. After makeup, each woman has over an hour to splash around in the skim pond.

After makeup, the Water Master Emily creates water art on and around you. Mark guides you to perfect poses for his camera. It is quite the team making your day a dream session.

“I could not have thought I would have this much fun splashing around then getting such stunning images; this was a must-do session!” Jane F.

tattooed nude woman with shower cap smiling in pond
Lots of fun touches like the shower cap keeps the session light

I will share some of the approaches that make this so unique with you. First, Mark has created a special lighting setup. He gets his lights to give you a warm glow but saturates the coloured backlights that illuminate the sprays and splashes. With a flash so fast, it freezes the water. Nude, Glamour or Boudoir

Be this a nude, glamour or boudoir photography session, it is one of the showcase sessions here at Inner Spirit Photography. No one else has done this for a while. It will be months before Mark will schedule it again, perhaps not until next year.

Mark is our Master of Photographic Arts. Looking at the images he creates from these sessions, it is easy to see why he is the most awarded photographer in his niche in North America. It is no wonder more than 5,200 women have embraced their bodies in front of his camera. He does such wonderful posing guidance that artfully hides all those concern areas while accentuating all the pride parts.

Hot Pink water Spray frames nude woman
Hot Pink Water Spray sets of woman in wet shirt

Yin and Yang Energy

Here the water, with its energy or calmness, Yin and Yang, if you will, will showcase you! Water gives you so much energy when you splash in it; your little kid spirit shows up. You may be surprised how connected you get to it; it is totally unique and memorable! We have clients squealing in delight and fun.

Meanwhile, in a change of pace, Yin takes over the soft feminine side of Yin and Yang. Gentle reflections, romance, contemplation. Graceful poses. A study of lines and shape. Art for the wall, art for you to remember the emotion, the calm. The universe in every drop of water rolling down your body. Your body shimmering in the light. In the photographs, you can feel your soul being enveloped in the moment.

So Warm

The studio is so warm that it will feel close to a gentle sauna. Your pond nearly fills the studio. You will feel a bit like a Hollywood starlet on an exotic set, everything arranged to have you looking and feeling awesome!

What would you do in this set? Oh, it’s not all lingerie or nude either. Glamour or clingy shirts work great too. Our unique floor can even take your high heels with no concern. It is so magical.

Boudoir Water Session Ad June 4, 2022
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Pricing Details

The session is $336 plus GST; it includes a $100 credit towards your order. If you book one of our other sessions, you will get a happy reduction. After your waterproof makeup is applied, you will get about 90 minutes in the water. All of our staff, the makeup artist, the Water Master, and Mark doing your photography, taking over 70 to 100 images is inclusive. We even have some fun props to add to the mix.

This is a real twist on boudoir Photography; it takes it to a new level. All the romance and sensuality you expect in a Boudoir Photo Shoot is there. Added to it is the uniqueness, the opportunity for a diverse expression.

We would be delighted to have you join us in this year’s Boudoir Water Sessions. We promise you won’t be disappointed. It will be one of those once-in-a-lifetime events people will ask you about.

Your Viewing

Oh, we should mention your viewing. Most come in for the 8-foot projected images; you really feel bigger than life! We can do a remote zoom viewing as well. In-person adds so much to the experience, though. We create a short show for you before the main reveal of your water session images.

We have had women start crying; they are so moved and surprised by the beauty and power of their images. Besides a wall image, we create books printed in Italy, created by Fran and Mark, that become the real-world memory of your magical time in our pond.

sensual nude woman in water, Boudoir Water Session
All wet and stunning

Before we book you, we always like to have a short chat. We want to get to know you and what ideas you have. You will get comfortable with us; after all, you become part of our tribe of remarkable goddess women with your season.

Now you may be a little nervous about doing this; that is common. Chatting with Mark before you even commit to a session will really help. You will get an immediate sense of how intuitive he is. You will be able to see the unbelievable range of his creative work. It is no wonder Mark has images in outer space on the Voyager 3 orbital mission.

You will meet his wife Jan, who will be doing the makeup and probably Lucy, our mascot rescue kitty roaming their home.

So, what do you think? Ready for a plunge, figuratively and literally? You will be thrilled when you embrace it.

Call us at 403.252.2662 or email us at to ask more questions or book a planning session. You deserve this. Some have found it life-changing!

See you in the water!

Wet woman on swing in Boudoir Water Session set
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