Celebrating Body Painting

BodyPainted art by Mark Laurie

Celebrating Body Painting

Body Painting Art is a creative add-on to our Boudoir and nude photography sessions.

We start off with 2 hours, but most go for the 4 hours. Body painting is a matter of coverage and detail. The more of each, the longer it takes. It is emotional to watch your body disappear, becoming art. It is pretty exciting to experience. Although slow.

Body painting is a unique way to express a vision, a slice of personality, a passion for animals, something magical, becoming a creature, or covered in tribal symbols. It is a long list of creative choices.

body painting nude and boudoir by Mark Laurie
blue snow queen body paint is breathtaking

Painted Body Art is short lived

Bodypaint is fleeting, It’s very nature is to be washed off. I was an Offical Photographer at a body painting convention. Models in stunning paintings would step into my studio, then race off for a shower, so they could be a blank canvas for the next brilliant painter.

The photography then became the treasure. The only bit of permanence of the vanished art.

In front of my camera, art-covered bodies came to life. The body art gives the wearer permission to be exotic, go over the top, and play up to their vision.

I love photographing this art working with body painters. By the way, Calgary has some of the best in the world.

Tribal body paint on nude woman by Mark Laurie, Inner Spirit Photography
Bold Tribal Body Painting

Body Painting is an option.

It is a thrill for me to offer Body Painting as an added option to support a woman exploring her confidence, her body embracing. Our nude and Boudoir sessions are known for empowering women at fantastic levels.

Body painting art allows for such expressive personal delight. As you can see in the images, Rayna’s body art transformations are breathtaking. Her images are at the top.

Our other artists, Melody Kielek and Lucy, do fantastic work. It is escapism with purpose.

Have you ever thought of it?

Becoming an art piece for your wall?

body painted characters start off nude, bright colors
body painting a cosplayer vibe

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