Our Client’s Journey

Thrilled woman after seeing her nude or boudoir photos by Inner Spirit Photography

Our Client’s Journey

She nervously asked, “What can I expect? I have never done a boudoir or nude photography session before.”

A pretty good question that nearly every woman asks when we chat about booking her session. 

Every step of a woman’s boudoir and nude photography experience has been refined over 40 years. It is transformative and exciting. Everyone is surprised how quickly the nerves fade away!

I thought it would help to take you through the stages of the experience you can expect. 

It Starts With Contact

When you first reached out to us, something in our conversation resonated with you. Giving you the sense we were perfect for you. It could be by phone, a show, an email exchange even one of our podcast presentations.

You book your planning session. This is a no commitment, no pressure chat to confirm the chemistry between us. It could be in person or by Zoom. Before we sit to chat, you can see our display wall prints and books. We explore what you desire, what is possible, timing and enlargement options. 

Our guarantees may surprise you. 

Deciding on a session date is the next step. You will be following in the footsteps of over 5,100 women. 

Between our booking chat and your session can be a bit of planning. We can set up a private Pinterest page to drop ideas into. We will send out a welcome package. Of course, you can call any time with more questions.

Your Session is Your Big Step.

On the session day, most women are at least a little nervous, some a whole lot. You will step into my in-floor heated studio. My wife Jan will get you comfortable before she starts doing your makeup and hair. You have input on your look.

You can look around the studio as she is working and chatting. I start building your first set. It is a very comfortable way to begin. Easing you into your session as Jan styles your makeup to your tastes.

Then your session starts. This is exciting; you are stepping into a Hollywood-styled movie set! After posing guidance, I sculpt your figure with light, creating different moods. It will be a few hours of emersion into your beauty and personality. You can change outfits, go nude or semi-nude, see what you are looking like on the back of the camera. The time just flows by.

Your session will go for two to 6 hours, depending on your session choice. Your nerves are rapidly replaced with excitement!

Then You See Your Magic

A few days later, you can see the magic created at your ordering viewing. Your images have been prepped for admiring, projected onto an 8×7 foot screen. They look stunning! It starts with a slide show.

Your selection process is easy. Your images are wall size; we can make comparisons. It is all visual; you don’t have to take notes or remember anything. You will get them down to the ones you love and want.

Most women are surprised at how many they love! Your selected images can go into books, be loose prints or be a wall decor image.  

My assistant Fran does a skilled polish of all your images before we print. They are retouched then enhanced. 

Then The Pickup up

Finally, the most exciting moment, you pick them up. You will get a call or email; the images are ready for you. 

This is what you can expect, a delightful time that is a rejoice of who you are. It all ends with breathtaking images. 

That is what you can expect, the flow and the timing. What may surprise you is how you feel as you flow through the experience. It is this combination of excitement, nerves, and peace. 

Most women find a considerable rise in confidence, body embracement and a sense of celebration. Every woman who comes in finds what they are looking for. 

Does this sound exciting?

This could be your moment; call us to explore your possibilities. 403.252.2662


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