The Freedom of Flying Nude


The Freedom of Flying Nude

It is a rare experience taking flight nude or even in flowing boudoir lingerie. You float effortlessly in the image. It’s a powerful and free feeling! A rare experience, a thrill, relate women who have done it.

We added one of those exercise bouncy mini trampolines to our studio props. It’s two foot bouncy taunt diameter gives you that extra oomph that ballet dancers and gymnasts do effortlessly. (we remove it in post to not give away your secret. )

The images are so dynamic! They add an unexpected delight to the viewer. The mind tries to figure out how it is done. We light you in so many different ways, each changing the effect.

Your creative options don’t stop there. We can play with shutter speed so the person can be blurred as they “fly”, increasing the effect of motion.

Flying nude makes your portrait unique. Going further you get eye catching by being revealing or suggestive, bold or seductive, or just mix it up. Wear lingerie, make this the best boudoir photography session in Calgary. Have flowing fabrics; it is exciting to do and to have.

Then we go into post-production besides enhancing you, there are options like adding dragons, outfits, smoke. It will look like images from the Wonder Woman movie.

The bottom line is that we are creative; we go beyond what people are used to and what they expect. It both delights the eye while giving our clients their fantastic experience. This is where you find your inner spirit in our photography.

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