Angel Wings – Take your Fantasy for a Flight

Angel woman wearing wings boudoir by Inner Spirit Photography

Angel Wings –
Take Your Fantasy For a Flight

Have you ever watched Victoria’s Secret models strut down the runways flaunting their bouncy wings?

Wishing you could wear a pair like that?

Or perhaps you are just an angel at heart, would like to play the part. There is a serenity you feel when these 5-foot wings slip onto your shoulders.

Or perhaps be a little devilish with them on. Like you could do wicked things.

Wings are like party hats; you decide what personality you are when you wear them.

It’s Empowering To Wear Them

Women have lots of reasons to slip into our wings. They all tell us how empowering it is to wear them. It surprises many, this confidence, empowerment.

You don’t just stand there, though. We create settings, like our castle ruins or the red rock canyon, perhaps a puffy cloud sky. I give you posing guidance; switch up the lighting to create a suitable mood for you.

One-shot I love is me twelve feet up on a ladder shooting downward; you look up into the light coming down dramatically.

It is transforming, a chance to play a bit, to be exotic.

Our wings were custom-made for us by, and I love this, Dragon Studios. We use a feather boa to hide the straps. The boas add to the feathery feel.

Feathers Frame Your Bum Perfectly

From behind, the wings perfectly split to show off a bum. We can adjust the “spread” of the wings too. One cool shot is bending forward, so the wings go horizontal, then turn to face the camera. You are looking under the wing now. I use a super wide-angle lens and get in close. Your face gets no distortion, but the wings look HUGE and so dramatic.

With the harness placing the wings higher up on you, you can do perfect “perches” on our rocks and stone ruins castle walls.

With so many flexible poses possible, we can take it further, digitally adding in a whole background and foreground, bringing out your “character” even more, telling a more exciting story with a matching mood. Using digital, it does not take much to give the illusion of flight.

Wings Are A Visual Delight

Wings are unique; you can hear them flutter as you move around. They arch up over your head with the bottom tips nearly touching the ground. Big feathers front and back. No fake fabric or dinky size.

You can go boudoir, wearing black, white, or bright colored lingerie—Lacy or bold. You can be nude, sensually, or just implied being nude.

No matter what slice of your personality, your fantasy, you would like to express. Your wings will give your image the flavour to get it across.

Plus, they are so much fun to wear!


If you were to wear our wings, who would you be?


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